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GURPS Lite Abridged Rules by Scott D. Haring and Sean Punch PDF. * Price: Free! * Stock number Always Available – Get it for free! creation, combat, success rolls, adventuring, and game mastering for GURPS Fourth Edition. GURPS stands for “Generic Universal RolePlaying. System GURPS LITE is available in PDF format from JUNE EDITION. GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition) - GURPS Lite is a page distillation of the PDF. $ 1 2 3 4 5. Average Rating (6 ratings). GURPS Lite is a.

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Gurps Lite 4th Edition Pdf

AUGUST EDITION. WHAT IS GURPS? GURPS GURPS Lite is available in PDF format from You may distribute this PDF. page PDF GURPS Lite is a page distillation of the basic GURPS rules. success rolls, adventuring, and game mastering for GURPS Fourth Edition. GURPS - 4th Edition - Lite - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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A suc- cessful roll lets you design a new system. This is the art of altering your appear- yourself. A good disguise requires a Disguise roll the field see Recovery. A successful skill roll allows you A successful roll lets you find a problem. The ability to write and debug computer This is training in the use of a specific mal.

The first it. Any kind of spacesuit. Roll against Brawling to hit with a a dead person. All kinds of powered battle This skill represents familiarity with the This is the ability to serve as crew aboard armor and exoskeletons.

This is the skill of socializing. DX-5 if Average. Threats and vio. All you! Defaults to IQ Spear A. In This is not one skill. Negotiation and com- dangerous or stressful situation.

A successful roll cessful roll will result in a good reaction have already attacked with it on your turn. Defaults to and open the lock. Contacts and usually This is the skill of downloading. Failure results in a bad the answer to a question about the law. Methods of influencing others include: This is the ability to coordinate a group. When you attempt a difficult jump.

This is the ability to question a prisoner. A suc. To actually coerce or manip. Rapier A and shape govern its concealability. Such a weapon cannot parry if you ers. Vamping and seduc. Gunner good. A successful skill This is the ability to use a heavy weapon. Knife E. Roll against for a crossbow or a heavy sniper rifle. A flail is any flexible. See based on DX. This is the ability to open locks without Sword A. Shortsword A. Fencing weapons are light.

Missile Weapon skills requires 5 minutes per question. All require two hands. Polearm A. This tion of skills — one per class of closely relat- ed missile weapons. Flail H. A sword is a rigid. If you lose Easy. Because flails tend to wrap around Default: If you tie or lose.

Staff A. It involves bargaining. PCs can Swords promise. Contest of your skill versus his Will. Manners and eti. If you win. Lying and deceit. Melee Weapon skills are when calculating jumping distance. Any kind of smoothbore long the supernatural. An occultist is an locate it — somehow — and then acquire it by arm that fires multiple projectiles expert on ancient rituals..

Any kind of heavy directed-ener. A successful roll tells you where you research. All short. Any kind of rifled long arm — Default: All kinds of handguns. There are a number of skill types under this heading. This is the ability injured. Use this challenge the creature e. Machine Gun: Any kind of heavy Air You can also use it to blow powders at targets within one yard.

GURPS - 4th Edition - Lite

Each attempt takes an hour. This is the ability to steal a purse. The GM rolls once — in secret — projects a stream of liquid or gas. Make a skill roll to hasten natural recovery Roll a Quick Contest every 10 minutes: This is the ability to use a shield. All others know that you are watching. This is the ability to find your position This is the ability to do library and file gy weapon: This is the study of the mysterious and not necessarily steal your booty.

You can use this not to develop film or prints in a darkroom. IQ-6 of nature — notably. Make a skill roll when you tile weapon. Search skill vs. A successful skill roll lets you for Anthropology. This is the talent of observing dangerous first try to mount a riding animal. Flamethrower gage. Various types of Navigation include: Roll against skill to find a useful Cannon: Any kind of heavy projectile surroundings and the use of instrumenta.

This is the ability to use all bows except crossbows. Sociology is a separate skill. You do that fires a solid projectile. GM simply says. Available Survival roll once per day. This is the ability to hide and to move ly for an ambush. To improve one of your basic attributes. For the purposes of Traps skill. You can also use it to hide due to aquatic misfortunes. Any axe. Failure inflicts Default: IQ-5 Knife: Any sort of knife.

Bonus Character Points At the end of each play session. The types include: This is the ability to conceal items in bag. When commanding a small unit. To live safely in a wilder. In an active search. Make a Tracking roll to must win a Quick Contest of Search vs.

Roll once to get under way Default: This is the ability to write in a clear or This is the skill of swimming on pur- Shuriken: Any sort of hiltless blade. Note that improving play session — upon the conclusion of a lengthy adventure. When be learned. Boating 2d-4 injury on you and anyone in your care. Exceptions include A character may get rid of most begin. Most advantages are inborn. Roll against the higher of Spear: Any sort of spear. This is the ability to outguess and out.

In personal combat. But roleplaying trumps mission success! Record them as roleplaying — preferably both. The GM is free to award any number of points. Vehicle skills default to DX at -4 easy. To add an advantage. A successful roll lets you conceal tries. Examples include baseballs. Earned character points can be used to Combat Reflexes and languages.

If you are a wanderer pioneer. Start with the amount of money your wealth each item of equipment level entitles you to for your game world. Prices assume a typical sale made by an ordinary merchant. download the possessions you want to start with. For requires no skill to use — you just wear it!

Its the armor. TL3 Medieval A. The statistics already reflect this. The amount of Damage Resistance the item gives. TL1 Bronze Age B. A single and Move. Weapons and errant. Armor The armor table that follows includes an article of light. This section will appropriate. Below is a comparison of TLs and suggested starting wealth. Free Trader.

Any unspent requested by a player. Also review damage.. Defense Bonus. The following statistics apply to shields: You normally wear a shield strapped to Shield: The kind of shield. Swung can attack a target. A parenthetical number tics. If the weapon has a built-in scope. If a weapon has broadsword. For example. The number of TL Tech Level cut cutting shots the weapon can fire before you must The tech level at which the weapon first imp impaling reload or recharge it.

In all if you wish. For crossbows. If its ST is 3 For muscle-powered melee and missile Aim maneuver on the turn prior to your attack. You can also use a shield Cost: Add no greater than yours see Crossbows and ST.

The Future of GURPS

Damage Type: An abbreviation indicating fire in a one-second turn. High-tech For firearms and some powered melee Max.

The bonus the Shield Table weapon preventing you from using two. You may only download pi. Damaging attacks on targets at or weapons such as guns work equally well weapons. Acc Accuracy time to ready 4 turns only if its ST is Ranged weapons only.

Muscle-powered weapons usually list Low-tech weapons — clubs. A given col. Shield DB Cost Weight shield gives to all of your active defense rolls handed weapons. Ranged weapons only. The maximum number of shots an ordinary shooter can Weapon tables provide the items of information explained below.

Halve this for small piercing zines — or. A weapon can nor- umn will only appear on a table if it is ger. If two numbers appear. If you have at least 1.

You a scabbard. The weight of the weapon. To use it in one hand without parentheses. When firing from a prone position appears under each skill. Use this instead of swords and knives. Crossbows and prodds The price of a new weapon. Skill names you will be at -1 to weapon skill per point of it.

If you try to use a always requires two hands. If you use a stronger bow. The weight of one full reload listed ST. But if it requires one ble footnotes if any at the end of the table. ST 13 swing the staff or thrust with it. For firearms. If you have at least twice the loaded weight. If multiple For a melee weapon. The numbers listed here refer to applica- no readiness penalty. For example.. For compute your damage as if you had ST You can reload a weapon up to 4 ST over your own with 20 one-second Ready maneuvers.

Weapons appear under the skill required to use them. Some thrown weapons also appear on the Melee Weapon Table. See Muscle-Powered Ranged Weapons. Beam weapons appear in late TL8 mostly for vehicles.

The effects of encumbrance are divid. Full Dodge. The GM describes a situation and asks each of the players what his character is doing. Dodge Movement speed Vertical stone wall -3 1 ft. Move Dodge below 1. To climb anything more difficult than a ladder. Drop all fractions. The players answer. Note that these levels are numbered from 0 to 4. To determine weight moved or Ordinary mountain 0 1 ft. Combat Move and reduce it for encumbrance see not studied it.

General Injury. Start with Basic Hiking defaults to HT-5 for those who have brance level from your roll as well. Rope-up -2 1 ft. When a rule Light Encumbrance 1: This defaults to DX At some point. Any failure The distance in miles you can march in one modify it for circumstances as follows: Very Bad: Deep snow.

If you day. Success lets the entire group speed on the table below costs 1 FP per Encumbrance and Move. Once you know your ideal daily mileage. In all cases. Heavy Encumbrance 3: Make one roll to start the climb and Lost Fatigue Points. Encumbrance can never reduce Move or No Encumbrance 0: Weight up to Basic Lift see p. Such jumps succeed automatically. Make a roll against Swimming skill math. Broken ground including streams. The GM should know the rules thoroughly.

For a running your Move after one second. Attack maneuver. Subtract know the exact distance you can throw an Shove and Knock Over: Success rolls. Sprinting is all-out running. Apply the usual modifiers for target whenever it seems reasonable.

Random rolls. Nobody was hurt. Basic Lift governs the weight you can HT.

The GM can entered the water intentionally. Land-dwellers such as humans have 0. Once you Roll against DX-3 to hit a specific target. You can throw anything you can pick up example. Move p. If you recover. Double twice your encumbrance level. High Jump: If you need to run a long distance. You can sprint if you run for. Lifting and Moving Things. Hard-packed desert or level Settling Rules Questions In any question of rules. If the object you wish to throw is not jump.

If you succeed. Arbitrary fiat. For is very fast. When you want to jump over something much smaller than you. Broad Jump: Maximum running for encumbrance — see Encumbrance and high-jump height is twice standing high. Move in this formula. Once you are Your running speed.

For a running jump. But now the guards are Your Basic Move determines jumping alerted! The GM decides which optional plains. Maximum run. It jump height. Depending on your footing down. Extra-Heavy encum. After 0. A good GM discusses Adverse weather conditions — rain. Throwing an object during combat — tion. To notice something using a given sense. Damage is usually crushing. Diplomacy is relatively safe. Fright Checks on anyone but an expert.

When you try to spot something that is with a judge. See Reaction As a general rule. Fright Perception roll for you. Make a Taste roll to notice a warrior. Then roll a Quick Contest: A failed Fright Check results in the char- roll as a Quick Contest against a conceal.

Fright Checks can occur as often This roll is against IQ for details that any- one could figure out.. A successful Sense you to roll against your Will to stay focused. A fragile object Up to BL Thrust. If it falls for weight as shown on the table below. If you are actively listening for When you are faced with a stressful situ- such activity.

Law skill. He should feel free to drop out of combat GM may also use these rules to resolve Combat takes place second by second. On a critical failure. This is just a way of fighting seems likely and combatants begin maneuvering for tactical advantage. On any other outcome.

Stealth skill. Vision Choose wisely! When you try to hear someone who is Hearing rolls. Sex Appeal. Hearing Exception: If you used Diplomacy. That is On a success. On a often sufficient. With only minor Danger Sense: If you have the Danger can always elect to substitute an Influence adaptation.

Multiply your ST by the distance mod. Change Posture. If PCs are involved. In particular. The modifier when making a choice determines what you can do on your move. All-Out Defense. Going from standing up get. GM your turn. Add the success. Once every active ignore this limitation!

If standing.

GURPS - 1d4chan

This is those specified under Free Actions see above. A second Change maneuver with an Attack or All-Out Attack HT roll to recover from physical stun or an Posture maneuver lets you stand from any with the same weapon against the same tar- IQ roll to recover from mental stun.

Tied Speeds: If multiple NPCs on the Crouch. Move and Attack. Change Posture Defense: Do Nothing. You must choose a specific target. Your the combat. Most other maneuvers allow at least some movement on could go from prone to kneeling with a Change Posture maneuver on one turn. It is set at the start of the fight and does not change during combat. Valid postures are ranged attack. Posture Table For the purpose of active defenses.

Any Do Nothing posture other than standing slows your Aim Anyone who is just standing still is movement and penalizes your attack and This is maneuver is used to aim a ranged assumed to be doing nothing. Someone who is conscious but stunned face up. If the GM wants to be realistic.

On maneuver to rise to a crawling. On a of these postures. Each turn. If you are lying prone or see or otherwise detect. If you follow an Aim each turn of Do Nothing. The effect on movement. You can always talk. If you were really important. You may move any number of yards instead of using the step to move. If you brace a firearm or crossbow. You can use a Ready maneuver to per- Unarmed Combat form physical actions other than fighting: In some of the following two options: Resolve the attack according to finish.

Attacks with a second weapon you fail your defense roll against an attack. If you hit. On a ranged attack. Ranged Attacks p. To use a weapon to attack. Concentrate unarmed attack in melee combat. A firearm or cross. If you are using a ranged weapon. DX to avoid falling. A two-handed firearm one weapon that does not have to be read. Leadership roll to give orders.

This bonus persists until your next bag. You must specify one attacks. If you are making a melee attack. If you took an Aim failure. See the table below for the reach. Make a single attack. If seconds of Aim. Anyone can engage in unarmed combat. This digging. If you execute an Attack. Resolve the attack as explained Some activities require you to Concentrate make a single. Apply two different if used two-handed If you are forced to unarmed or with a ready weapon.

Make two attacks against the turn. Sometimes you have to fight without weapons. This is the bonus you get if 4 always hits. Move and Attack: Other Actions by Attacker three die rolls: Some unwieldy weapons e. Treat a cally does the most damage it could do. If your effec. Speed and lines on the weapon tables pp. For thrown weapon just like any other ranged Size of Target: The larger the target.. If your effective skill is Humans have SM Ranged Attack Modifiers A natural weapon punch.

When you your skill. Braced weapon: If always ready unless the body part in ques. As well. If the total falls weapon is ready if you are gripping it with Melee Attack Modifiers between two values. For fighters on the poleaxe become unready after each All-Out Attack Determined: Minor distraction e.

Simply look up the being or Melee Attacks Bad footing: Add the When you attack with a weapon like this. If ready melee weapon including a natural ST below that required for weapon: General Attack Modifiers SM. If your roll is attack. Aim for one turn: If he fails to defend — or if yards.

If size falls between two You can make a melee attack using any fire: Objects larger than man-sized give a bonus to hit. Acc statistic. Figure your effective skill base skill Off-hand attack: A roll of 5 speed. Targeting Systems If your roll is less than or equal to your To find this.

Resolving either type of attack takes To draw a new weapon from a sheath. Parry of 9. You are at -3 to parry Defense Roll weapons. You only get one example. Parry see equal to your encumbrance level see Exception: If a foe attacks you with a missile Parrying.

A few long. Immediately roll it. List Dodge weapon and he is within reach of your should calculate these active defense scores on your character sheet for quick reference. Your attack is good opponent will shoot. You only get one active defense against to parry barehanded. Some maneuvers Unarmed Defense restrict the active defenses you can make. You can use Brawling or Karate skill — or DX.

This requires a ready may injure your attacker. If you are fighting without weapons. This does not bay. If his roll is less than or equal to his effective defense. Broadsword would give a enough to hit him — if he fails to defend. If this occurs. Dodge see Dodging.

Measurement If you are stunned. Blocking other weapons that weigh 1 lb. A Your Parry active defense with a given If you make your attack roll. A motorcycle rider 40 yards away. You Encumbrance and Move. For acter sheet. Success would mean ble if the defender is aware of the possibili. You may dodge any attack except one that rying the weapon.

And you get no unarmed — they can only dodge. A roll of 17 or 18 attack. The All-Out Defense Double shield. The active defense you choose depends on your situation — especially the maneuver you chose last turn.

This is attack per turn. This roll is at -4 if your attacker ond defense against a particular attack if your first defense fails. For you rolled a critical hit. A man 8 yards away is -4 to or blocked the attack. If the target is at or beyond Round fractions down.

Attack from behind: You can and Dodge round up.

Halve your Move ing which you attempt a defense roll or HP. Success means anyone or anything to weaken and collapse. Failure means you fall or even worse. Defense Modifiers tracts this from your damage roll. If your target DR values that protect against any damage normally. DR at all. Even death. If you choose Do Nothing on usually temporary loss of Hit Points. All-Out Attack: Once you know the penetrating damage In general.

The chart below summarizes the effects of being you can act normally. Read on. See the following deal to your target. If your foe has no DR. You get your is one or two sword blows or bullets. This gives the noted. Roll only on turns dur- If any injury reduces you to 0 or fewer ing from your wounds.

For Parrying with quarterstaff: He gets weapons. Karate damage. Thrown weapon: You might actually get hurt — HP below zero. If your attack is one that can do dam. You get tired. Damage age. Wounding Modifiers and Bad footing: For the average man. Effects of Injury age. Exceptions will always be cannot parry piercing damage.

If your damage roll exceeds your instance. All effects are cumu- your turn. General Injury: Lost Hit unconscious or simply stop working. Objects and vehicles have their own no defense roll against this! Roll damage of dice you roll for damage. Subtract DR from basic damage. In cer. If your next maneuver must also be Do deathbed speech. Unconsciousness HP. At the end of your turn. Death Until you receive help. After the time indicated on the against HT.

You may or may roll. If you are mortally wounded. If your internal injuries might kill you even Recovering from you survive. First Aid skill. The GM may give a cess. Your victim gets no 1 HP. Any major wound tain futuristic or magical worlds. He must On any failure. HT every 12 hours. If you are certainly succeed. Once pacitated. On a critical success. If of that turn. But if you fail. See Recovering from All-Out Attack!

GURPS Lite (Fourth Edition).pdf

Your attack roll will almost a tourniquet to stop bleeding. This not dead — see Mortal Wounds. You will probably After bandaging. Everyone except SJG, that is. Coincidentally, the first available report was in , the year 4th edition came out. Maybe you try out some casual dice games as well, or some other card games, or a board game eep. Or maybe you try to tap into that online gaming market… hey, how long as Ultracorps been in beta?

Eight years? Their market strategy has certainly shifted completely toward the profitable at the moment products they make, which is pretty much Munchkin. But why even bother putting out a product like the 4th edition when it so clearly does nothing to expand your market base?

And why not? Still, things have improved. By contrast, my friend Randy once wrote a nifty program to track battle statistics and build character sheets, and sent an inquiry to SJG probably in the early s about distributing it for free. Needless to say, he dropped it and devoted his time to less asinine projects. Note that they only got around to posting a sensible policy in , right about the time that nobody cared.

However, it could happen. And since SJG seems unwilling to put new player game aids or adventures into the market at least into any market where anybody might find them , maybe it makes sense to publish some online. Maybe even one of those missing solo training adventures. Maybe some critters that new GMs can drop into an adventure right away. Go through the lists of advantages, disadvantages, skills and equipment. They do not appear in your game world, and players cannot take them.

Congratulations; you have just chopped the hell out of the rules, which is exactly what you need to do to make an actual game out of GURPS. Get the combat mechanics down. Download Caravan to Ein Arris and read through it. You can also try on Roll20 or the MapTool fora.

Try to make it fit inside his campaign description. If you have to roll some dice, roll some dice usually three of them and the GM, who actually has to know the rules, will tell you what happened. Over time you, too, may discern the mysteries of 3d6 roll-under systems, and will actually begin to read GURPS Lite for yourself, starting you on your journey to complex-system-snobbery.

You are doomed. Afterword Someday, I think it may be possible for player-created material to do the job that SJG has not, and that is to make GURPS accessible enough so that players might actually want to play it instead of being frightened away by clumpy lists of skills that have nothing to do with each other and fanboys debating the difficulty modifier appropriate to isolate the Higgs Boson.

It could happen. This entry was posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, at am and is filed under Pen and Paper Gaming. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.

You can leave a response , or trackback from your own site. So, while my next posts will get back to the rules and tweaks that I enjoy making, I thought his post was well worth linking to, and it inspired some of my own thoughts on how to make GURPS better.

October 26th, at pm In a reddit thread I started on the topic, I proposed a publishing-level solution that is practical and removed the burden of rules reduction from the new GM, giving him a complete ruleset that works within a genre with the seeds of flexibility.

I think this makes more sense, since the reductivity of the GURPS ruleset is barrier 1 for new customers. The secret is to control the level of download in required to get their interest.

Here is what I do: 1. Create worlds that work well with the players having imperfect understanding of the rules or what is going on. Put lots of hooks in to make them fascinating and to give the players lots of space to create characters. Let them describe what their character does translate that into system for them. All they really need to know if during combat you can attack or defend. Slowly phase in the combat rules first mainly the choices so they are making a conscious choice.

Make it cool. The point is to give them some reward really early in the process. Tweak it to fit the world not the system. They are mostly being replaced with other forms of entertainment. MMORG, movies, skype etc. Marcus says: January 31st, at am Yeah, I think Mu got the point, gurps marketing strategy, assuming they want to sell more books, is full of blunders, and he pointed them very well. Instead of focusing on lessening the hardship of gurps learning curve, fourth edition efforts were directed almost exclusively to improve the coherence of the system.

For those who already used to play the game, it was great news. But for newcomers and wannabes, it became twice as complicated getting into the game. Vyrolakos says: March 23rd, at am I was introduced to GURPS back when the basic boxed set and the Fantasy book were first released, so I had a pretty friendly introduction.

It just looks too overly complex and frankly, uninspiring. I would love to see a fully developed fantasy setting supported by multiple regular GURPS book releases. Ah well, back to Pathfinder. At least I can find players eager to actually play that. Murrkon5 says: October 18th, at am Whew. Most of these chaps are fetishists on complexity and gritty bits. As a veteran table-topper of many years, I had no objection. But they might not have the problem about voting me off the island. I think it was after the 12th failed attempt by 4 different people over the course of 3 weeks to make a spaceship that even functioned let alone functioned well enough to do what we wanted it to that ultimately drove us away.

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